Mother's day gifting ideas

5 Perfect Mother's Day Personalised Gift Ideas

Mother's Day is all about celebrating our mothers and other female members of the family, celebrated all over the world across March and May. Here in England Mother's Day falls on the 31st of March so you just about have time to send her a personalised gift showing how much she means to you. We have carefully selected our top products for this occasion that we have no doubt any mother would love.


Mother's love soft furnishings so our number one pick for a gift is a photo printed soft velvet cushion

Velvet cushion personalised mother's day

These personalised cushions come in three different sizes with the options to have them filled or just the cushion cover. Our edge to edge print covers the whole cushion giving you an area to include multiple photos and text, all you need to do is place an order and one of our in-house designers will email you regarding artwork.

A natural cotton option is also available but the velvet gives an extra soft feel that any mother would enjoy, this leads us onto our next super-soft gift:


Personalised blankets made from super-soft and luxuries fleece material for staying warm and cosy, add your photos and text to remind your mum of past events and memories. 

Personalised blanket for Mother's Day Gift

The blanket comes in one extra large size at 150cm x 200cm and give the ideal canvas to hold a bunch of memories for your mother to get cosy under.


Our bags are excellent re-usable carry bags suited to any shopping adventure your Mum might go on. They're environmentally friendly at value meaning there is no better gift. Create a design she will love wether its an all over photo print, poem or simply 'Happy Mother's Day' written across the bag. Fag gift's tote bags are unique with their handles also being printed, matching any photo, colour or pattern.

 Mothers Day personalised tote bag


At fab gifts we have many more ideas for Mother's Day presents that you can personalise to show your love for the most important women in your life, explore our full range of products here.


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